Supervised Parenting Time

Peaceful options for supervised parenting time

​​​​​​Neutral Ground Solutions

Best Practices
Neutral Ground Solutions practices trauma informed care to lessen the impact of  separation and to support family members in rebuilding relationships with a sense of empowerment.   What makes Neutral Ground Solutions unique is its focus on transitioning  families away from supervised parenting time services.  Less invasive options including in-home parenting time, partial supervision, and drop-in services create a seamless progression toward standard parenting time arrangements.

We encourage a team approach to working with families and welcome collaboration with clinicians, judges, attorneys, GAL's and parenting coordinators. 

Beginning in 2012, Neutral Ground Solutions has provided supervised parenting time (supervised visitation) and supervised exchange services to families in central Indiana.  Neutral Ground Solutions offers a variety of supervised services including on-site, off-site and in-home parenting time, supported supervised parenting time, phone/video monitoring, and drop-in services.

What is supervised parenting time and supervised exchange?

Supervised parenting time services are utilized by families that may be experiencing separation, divorce, or establishing paternity, and are typically ordered by a court.  The purpose of having parenting time supervised is to allow children the ability to establish or maintain relationships with both of their parents while reducing stress and worry.  While safety is the top priority, each family's strengths and challenges are taken into account to create individualized supervised parenting time plans that promote meaningful and positive interactions.  Facilitators observe parent-child interactions and create objective reports that are shared with parties of the court to to assist in the decision-making process.

Supervised Visitation Network (SVN)

Neutral Ground Solutions is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network, an international organization that establishes standards, promotes education and advances professionalism in the field of supervised visitation; it is the only organization of its kind.  Neutral Ground Solutions' guidelines align with the SVN's Standards for Supervised Visitation Practice.  Neutral Ground Solutions' facilitators are trained according to the Network's training requirements including safety, child development, abuse/neglect, effects of separation and divorce, parenting skills, and conflict resolution.  You can find the Standards for Practice at