Neutral Ground Solutions

Parent Education & Coaching

Parent education groups, sometimes referred to as Parent Ed Classes, offer a traditional group learning experience.  Parents are encouraged to participate and learn from one another while the facilitator leads group topics such as child development, parent-child bonding, parenting styles, communication, and discipline techniques.


Please call or Contact Us to register.  Registration paperwork is sent and completed electronically.  Please call or contact us for more information or to register. There is no fee for registration.  

Evidence Based Curriculum

Neutral Ground Solutions' facilitators are trained to lead the Active Parenting program.  The program is 6-weeks and is being offered in Noblesville, IN on Saturday mornings.  

One-on-One Parent Coaching

Coaching is offered to parents or co-parents who are interested in meeting with the facilitator individually to navigate family-specific topics and issues.  Coaching appointments are scheduled weekly.


Each parent receives a letter of completion and Certificate of Attendance


All fees for Parent Education and Parent Coaching are based on a session rate.  A discount is offered to parents who pay fees in full prior to the first session.  Discounts are offered for co-parents who are attending sessions together.

Parenting Groups..................$25.00/session

Parent Coaching....................$45.00/session


Each parent will attend an individual intake appointment with the facilitator to set up the supervised parenting time plan and schedule.  Parents can complete paperwork in advance; a Parent Handbook is provided for each parent.


On-site supervised parenting time includes our visitation suite in Plainfield or any of the affiliated conference rooms located in Plainfield, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Lawrence, and Greenwood.  Our suite offers a dining table, living room, television, movies, and toys/games for families.  Parents are responsible for supplying any food and activities.


Off-site supervised parenting time can be arranged in the community or in-home.  Popular community sites include parks, bowling alleys, restaurants, museums, libraries, and arcades.  Parents are responsible for costs associated with activities.  Facilitators offer a continuum of services while families transition to increased parenting time without supervision including drop-in supervision and supervised exchange services.


An objective report is written for each supervised parenting time appointment or cancellation.  Reports are provided to attorneys and/or courts.  Parents are welcome to meet with the facilitator to review reports and progress.


All fees for supervised parenting time are based on an hourly rate which includes planning and scheduling appointments, travel time, observation, and reporting.  Additional fees apply for court appearances, cancellations, and special reports.



Supervised Parenting Time

Supervised Visitation and Parent Education                                                       317-417-2631