​​​​​​Neutral Ground Solutions

Supervised Parenting Time

Supervised parenting time is more than a visit...

Intake [$75/parent]

Each parent attends an individual intake appointment with a facilitator to complete

paperwork, review guidelines, create a supervised parenting time plan, and discuss

schedules.  Facilitators may also meet with children during the intake process.  Each parent

is responsible for paying their intake fee.  

On-Site Parenting Time [$50/hour]

Parents and children may meet at the Neutral Ground Solutions facility located at 600 E. 

Carmel Drive, Suite 161, Carmel, IN 46032.  The facility offers comfortable dining and living

spaces with a table, television, toys, games, books, and an outdoor area.  

Off-Site Parenting Time[$50/hour]

Parenting time may take place away from the facility to provide families a more comfortable and natural environment. either in the community or at a parent's home.  Popular community sites include parks, bowling alleys, restaurants, museums, libraries, and arcades.  Facilitators must be able to participate in all activities.  

                                                                             Supervised Exchanges [$25 each]

                                                                              Facilitators observe the transfer of a child from one parent to the other at the                                                                                                    start and end of parenting time. The supervision is limited to the exchanges with the                                                                                        remainder of the noncustodial parent/child contact unsupervised.  


                                                                             Supported Supervised Parenting Time [$60/hour]  NEW!

​                                                                             Facilitators are actively involved to support parents and promote positive interactions                                                                                       through education, modeling behaviors, and providing directives or feedback. 

Drop-Ins [$30 each]

A portion of parenting time will be observed by a facilitator during an unannounced period of time.  Facilitators typically 'drop in' for up to thirty minutes.  Parents provide the facilitator with an agenda for the parenting time in order to coordinate this service. 

Phone/Video Monitoring  [$30 each]  NEW!

Facilitators schedule and set up video conferencing services between a parent and child to monitor video chat interactions.  Most chat sessions are scheduled for thirty minutes.  

Court Testimony  [$135 initial fee]

Facilitators may testify in court in order to verify the authenticity of documentation and share observations during services.  Facilitators cannot make recommendations regarding whether a parent is able to have unsupervised parenting time.